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The Art People Podcast

Dec 19, 2018

A couple weeks ago Justin Favela was in Berlin visiting his dear friend Zhiwan Cheung. The two met a couple years ago at an artist residency in Miami where Justin instantly fell in love with Zhiwan's video work and through the trauma of being in what they called the “Sunken Place” they became fast friends. They have kept in touch over the years meeting up in different cities whenever they can. The conversation you are about to hear was recorded in Zhiwan’s studio in Berlin, Germany… Sit back relax and listen in as they talk about artist residencies, podcasting, race and so much more...

You can follow Zhiwan @ZhiwanCheung on instagram or visit his website You can also follow his podcast  @seeingcolorpod on all social media platforms and of course … If you like this episode you are going to love his show, y’all.

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