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The Art People Podcast

Jan 13, 2020

Happy New Year! This week Art People brings you their very first Mailbag Episode. Justin assembled a panel of previous guests to dive into the emails and answer your burning questions. Listen in as they discuss grad school, social media, micro-aggressions, filing taxes as an independent artist and so much more! Thank you for sending your emails (keep them coming) and thank you to a distinguished panel of artists; Krystal Ramirez, Lance Smith and Mikayla Whitmore.

You can email us at and we might read your email on a future episode. 

You can follow us @artpeoplepod on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Follow our host @favyfav and Production assistance from Mindy Hale. Music by Mike McDonald.

You can find our guests at:

Krystal Ramiez: @krystalrmrz, 

Lance Smith: @lancesmithart,

Mikayla Whitmore: @mikaylawhitmore,