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The Art People Podcast

Oct 2, 2020

This week, Justin is joined by artist Jeffrey Augustine Songco, calling in from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Listen in as Jeffrey tells us about his path from child actor to the prolific multidisciplinary artist he is today. They get into some of his fabulous public art installations and discuss his latest art exhibitions and residencies. From forming a secret brotherhood to giving you “Tropical Realness,” Jeffrey brings it to you every ball!

Show notes:

Society of 23

Solo Cups

GayGayGay Robe

Locker Dressing Room 


Flowers and Plants

Jeff Ham Ceramics

Mattress Factory

Tropical Realness

Guilty Party at the Wing Luke Museum

Jeffrey Augustine Songco on Instagram!

The Art People Podcast is edited and produced by Justin Favela (@favyfav). Production assistance from Mindy Hale and music by Mike McDonald. 

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