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The Art People Podcast

Jul 9, 2020

Fawn Douglas: Artivist, Matriarch, Nuwu

This week Justin Favela talks to artist, activist and matriarch, Fawn Douglas. They get into her history as an Indigenous American artist and enrolled member of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe, talk about her role as a student and educator, and discuss her as advocacy work for the Nuwu culture and the many indigenous groups in southern Nevada. They also catch up on her time as an MFA candidate at UNLV, talk about the lack of equity and diversity within Las Vegas cultural institutions and so much more!

Photo credit: Lizbeth Ramirez, Edited by Bryan Clavel

Show notes:


Women of Color Arts Festival

An Open Letter to the Neon Museum

Hey Reb!

Confederate Monuments - Interactive Map

UNLV Native American Alumni Club

Institute for a Progressive Nevada

Anit-Racism Education Summer Series

Fawn’s Website


The Art People Podcast is edited and produced by Justin Favela (@favyfav). Production assistance from Mindy Hale and music by Mike McDonald. 

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